book one of the redemption duet

Even though I’d bristled at Ash’s dominant nature, I’d grown to appreciate it. When he took control of my pleasure, I didn’t have to think, didn’t have to worry. He helped me forget about my asshole ex-husband, the demands of my label, the expectations of my fans, and all the responsibilities I carried with me each and every day. When he was in charge, all I had to do was let go and reap the rewards of my obedience.

But I recognized this was all just temporary— once my stalker was apprehended there’d be no reason for us to continue on as we were. We’d part ways and I’d be left with nothing but my memories of our time together.

“You’re thinking too hard. I can see it on your face.”

I dragged my eyes up the length of his torso. “I was thinking about this,” I admitted. “About how shocking it is that I actually enjoy you bossing me around.”

He stroked my face and I leaned into his touch, his fingers surprisingly soft. “I promised you pleasure, didn’t I?”

I nodded. “You did.”

He slid his hand along my scalp, his fingers coaxing their way through my long, dark strands. “You have such beautiful hair,” he marveled just before he wrapped it around his fist and yanked my head back, stretching my neck taut. “I promised if you gave yourself to me—gave me everything—I’d make it worth your while. And I never break my promises. You should know that about me.”

I did know that about him. There was only one problem: it was one of the few things I knew about him. All this time together and we were still practically strangers. Sometimes it felt like I knew Rocky’s secretary Marge better than I knew the man I was sharing a bed with.

Before I could bite my tongue and keep the thought to myself, I blurted, “I know, but I want more.”


I knew by now not to push him. Every time I did, he shut me out. Tried to push me away.

Unfortunately, Ash had the power to make me forget myself, forget the way this was supposed to work. He turned me into the type of woman who needed a man—needed him—and wasn’t afraid to share that vulnerability. He made me forget my walls, those carefully erected barriers I put between myself and others, the defenses I’d constructed to keep people from getting too close, from knowing me—the real me. The thought stung. I didn’t know if I was comfortable with him seeing not just Country Princess Rae Griffin, but also little Norma Rae Griffin who came from the wrong side of the tracks. Who easily wore the mantle of alcoholism because it was in my blood, was what I'd come from. I'd already bared every part of my body to him, but was I ready to bare my soul as well?

I didn’t have any time to consider the question, because his gruff voice was pulling me back to the here and now, to what existed in the moment. "Right now all you need to know is the taste of my cock on your lips. All you need to know is that I'm going to make you come until you can’t stand."

My pulse sped up and my breath hitched when, with his free hand, he dragged his zipper down and his dick sprang free, hard and ready.

"Open your mouth, Rae," he commanded. When I complied, he growled with approval. "I fucking love it when you obey so willingly.”

He took his cock in hand and traced the velvet head over my bottom lip, teased me with it. My tongue darted out to lick the salty drop of pre-cum that had formed on the tip.


"Suck me," he demanded, pushing past my lips until I felt his thick, pulsing head hit the back of my throat.

"I'm going to fuck that smart little mouth of yours," he said, the pace of his thrusts increasing. "And you're going to take all of me like a good little girl, aren't you?"

If I'd been able to speak, I would have told him that I wanted him to fuck my mouth until all I ever tasted was him, that I wanted him to take his pleasure from me. That I wanted him to come down my throat and then I wanted him to lick my pussy until I did the same to him.

But because I couldn't say a word, I flicked my eyes up, hollowed my cheeks, and sucked him harder.