COMING JUNE 13, 2017

Can One Night Turn Into Forever?
Singer Rae Griffin had it all ... or so she thought. Blindsided by her husband’s betrayal, Rae turned to whiskey and one night stands to numb her pain. Now sober, her world is turned upside down once again when she receives death threats from a deranged fan and the police are unable to catch him. When Rae's manager hires McClintock Security run the operation, she can't believe the man assigned to protect her is none other than Ash Devereaux, the one person from her past she never forgot. There are a million reasons for Rae to stay away from the brooding, sexy bodyguard, but Ash calls to her in a way no man ever has before. Throwing caution to the wind, the two embark on a passionate affair that teaches Rae things about herself no amount of therapy ever could and soon she's teaching Ash a thing or two about himself, as well. They know their relationship has no future, but when you've lived with the type of heartbreak they both have, you learn to take pleasure and happiness wherever you can find it. Rae just hopes this time she's strong enough not to get burned.