When a series of death threats unravels country music darling Rae Griffin’s plans for a comeback tour, her team calls in McClintock Security for protection. But when Rae’s new bodyguard walks into the room, she comes face to face with the stubbled jaw and full, kissable lips of the one-night stand she never forgot, no matter how hard she tried.

Though Rae tries to fight it, she’s drawn to Ash Devereaux even more than she was two years before. Now, they’re on the run from a madman, and all Rae wants to do is lose herself in Ash’s embrace. She tried telling herself it was only sex, but now she’s done the unthinkable and fallen in love with a man who can never love her back … because Ash has demons of his own. Ones he’s never talks about, and never will.

Rae knows she should walk away before it’s too late, but she’s hooked, and Ash is the sweetest addiction she’s ever known.

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