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She loves love ...
Karen has been burned by relationships in the past, but she still wants desperately to believe in love. When she meets Army Major Crosby Wilson, she's not sure he's the right man for her but their attraction is undeniable. Soon flirty phone calls turn to epic dates. But when Crosby tells her he's shipping out in a matter of days, Karen must make a choice: does she say goodbye to the man who could give her a happily ever after, or does she commit to a life where she'll always come second to her country?

... While he wants nothing to do with it
Betrayed by his longtime girlfriend, Crosby signed on for another tour of duty but just days before he's set to leave, he meets the beautiful, adorkable Karen, someone who makes him laugh and pushes away his demons. He knows it's a bad idea to get too attached since he can't promise her a future, but she brings joy and light to his dark world. When a routine mission turns deadly, Crosby must decide what means more to him: the love of a good woman or his love of country.